Turkey is not afraid of sanctions and continues to “bomb” Syria

Despite calls from the international community, Turkey continues its offensive in Syria, even on this Sunday [October, 13]. Several European countries have already formally declared that they will stop arms trade between them and Turkey, and the United States is ready to impose serious sanctions for the Balkan country.

Many sources say Turkish attacks in Syria have activated ISIS sleeping cells in the region.

Ankara launched its military offensive in Northwest Syira last Friday after US troops withdrew from the Kurdish-populated region. The main motives of the Turkish state are the possibility this Syrian region being cleansed from the terrorist organizations, including the PKK, with which Turkey has been fighting in recent years.

According to a Turkish source, the casualties of the Turkish offensive so far are between 250 and 350, but the Russian news agency TASS reports that nearly 500 people have been killed in the last 36 hours.

At least nine civilians have been executed in Syria by Syrian forces participating in Ankara’s offensive against Kurdish forces, the Syrian Center for Human Rights Monitoring quoted AFP as saying. The victims include a representative of a Kurdish political party and its driver.

More than 100,000 people have left the conflict zone, according to the UN, and the refugee wave is on the rise.


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