Orban lost Budapest, the opposition won

On Sunday, a 10-year hegemony of Vladimir Orban and his party, Fides, ended in the local elections, losing the elections to Budapest. In addition to losing Budapest, the influence of his party is also diminishing in major cities.

Gergely Karacsony has replaced Mayor Istvan Tarlos, who has ruled the capital since 2010. With almost 82% of the ballots counted, he received 50.6% against 44.3% for the mayor so far, given that the sociologists’ forecasts to the last gave almost the opposite.

Karacsony’s strategy was to participate in this election with common candidates, aiming to diminish Fidesz’s influence, and that strategy proved successful. For the last nine years, the ruling has won all local and European elections.

However, the power of Orban is expected to maintain its level and public opinion so far, as Hungary is developing economically well and budgetary wages have been raised. The next general election in Hungary is in 2022, and until then, the majority of the Hungarian PM in parliament has been impressive.

“We have given everyone a lesson in democracy. The unity of opposition that the voters have been waiting for so long has come to fruition, and our result shows that this is the way forward,” Gergely Karacsony said to his jubilant deliberations. “The change in Budapest and the big cities is the first step towards change throughout Hungary,” said the 71-year-old Tarlos, accepting the defeat.

“Today, the people of Budapest have decided that the time has come for something different,” the prime minister said. “We accept their decision and in the interest of the country and the citizens of Sofia we are ready to cooperate.”

A number of political analysts say it is possible to unite the opposition in parliament in the next three years, so that the power of an arbiter can be taken away, but the existence of such a project carries its risks because of the need to draw up different priorities.

Photo source: Reuters


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