Vladimir Putin doesn`t want a second cold war

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to reporters about the world arms race, a day before his visit to Saudi Arabia.

According to him, Russia does not want a second cold war, but if it does, its country will not be affected because of its modern and modern weapons systems.

“I wouldn’t wish. In any case, Russia will be the least affected because we have promising weapons, absolutely exclusive. There is no one in the world so far, but we have. now we think about the prospects, we work calmly,” Putin said.

Vladimir Putin stressed that the military budget of the Russian Federation is only seventh in the world, while the United States, China, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France and Japan are ahead of Russia.

$ 48 billion, according to Putin, is money spent by Russia to defend and develop new weapons systems.

The Russian president reiterated that it is a very bad idea to have an arms race and Russia will not take on this trap and will not participate in it.

Finally, Putin said that NATO is trying to “level” Russia’s nuclear potential by moving closer to its borders, but that action is doomed to failure.

Photo source: Dmitri Lovetsky / Reuters


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