Bulgaria, how dare you? Disgusting!

The racist insults of last night’s European qualification between Bulgaria and England in Sofia are a major topic in today’s issues of the leading British media.

The BBC notes that the game has been halted twice because of racist acts, including Nazi greetings and offensive chanting. British media quoted the words of football association chairman Greg Clark as saying the incident had visibly upset England’s players. He hopes that UEFA will carry out a full and comprehensive investigation into the incident.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper has a headline “Disgusting” and a photo of the players on the pitch during one of the game breaks.

“England stands firm in the face of hideous racism as it defeats Bulgaria in a shameful night in Sofia,” the newspaper added. The newspaper notes that England’s players responded with extreme dignity and professionalism, although the game was interrupted twice and thus sent a message to the world.

“Now the pressure has to be relentless on the authorities to take action and not to mention petty fines or forfeiture of points. It was extremely appalling and the only measure is to throw Bulgaria away with their ridiculous denials of the race. That is, was, and always will be totally unacceptable. “There should be no compromise,” the publication adds in a sharp comment. However, the Daily Telegraph notes the reaction of the team captain of the Bulgarian team Ivelin Popov, who quarrels with the fans at halftime.

In capital letters, Star Sport defines what happened as “Shame.” Mirror also urges Bulgaria to be dropped from qualifying and UEFA to take urgent action.

The headline in today’s Daily Mail article reads England – 6, Racism – 0.

The title of the prestigious Guardian newspaper is “Sofia, Shame”. The publication cites the words of an England mentor who praised players for their reaction during the offensive chants.

The newspaper notes that the captain of the Bulgarian team Ivelin Popov was spotted having a heated argument with Bulgarian fans while the teams were entering the dressing room at halftime. “Standing alone and doing the right thing requires courage, and such actions must not go unnoticed,” quoted Marcus Rushford as one of the three dark-skinned England players on the pitch.

In his extensive material, Daily Express Sport publishes photos of young men with black hoods spotted making Nazi greetings at Vasil Levski National Stadium, and the headline is “Losers.”

Photo source: BTA


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