EU is considering sanctions on Turkey because of the ongoing drilling near Cyprus

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has announced that he will propose sanctions on Turkey in the coming days for exploration of gas fields off the island of Cyprus.

The political decision to impose sanctions was taken at today’s meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council in Luxembourg, she explained.

We have many common interests with Turkey, but there are also differences. We have made a unanimous decision today, the High Representative said.

What sanctions the EU is considering

The first EU diplomats expressed concern about the ongoing drilling by Turkey in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus and reaffirmed the need for strict observance of international maritime law as well as respect for the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus, the Foreign Ministry said.

They urged the de-escalation of tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean and to prevent undermining efforts to resume talks on the Cyprus issue.

Ministers invited High Representative Federica Mogherini to submit proposals for the establishment of a framework regime for restrictive measures targeting natural and legal persons responsible for, or involved in, illegal drilling activities in the Eastern Mediterranean. The discussion will continue at a European Council meeting later this week.

Photo source: Getty Images/Guliver Photos


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