The Syrian army controls the city of Manbij along with the Kurds

Against the backdrop of the ongoing Turkish operation in Syria, Syrian government troops have entered the city of Manbij in accordance with an agreement with the Kurdish militia, Syrian state media SANA reports.

The news was confirmed by local authorities in the city, which is controlled by the Kurds. A statement from the Manbij Military Council said military forces were deployed along the front lines near the city.

According to Syrian sources, Bashar al-Assad’s army has also targeted other cities controlled by the Kurdish militia to take up positions against the advancing Turkish military and their Arab allies.

EU High Representative Federica Mogherini said the actions of the Turks in recent days have pushed the Kurds into the hands of Syria and Russia.

“One of the consequences, which we warned about before the start of the Turkish operation, was precisely that it would push Kurdish forces into the hands of the Assad regime and the Russians. We did not want to witness this,” Mogherini said after the EU foreign affairs ministerial meeting in Luxembourg.

Photo source: AFP


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