Russia: Ankara’s actions in Syria must be proportionate

Turkey’s actions in Syria must be proportionate so that they do not in any way harm the political situation in the country, a special Kremlin message said.

According to the spokesman for the Russian president, Moscow must respect the right of every country to defend itself, including Turkey.

At the same time, a government spokesman in damax announced today that Turkey’s actions and invasion of Syria could not in any case be a justification. All this brings further problems and puts the Syrian government in difficulty in drafting the new constitution.

The commission tasked with Syria’s new constitution will meet for the first time in Geneva.

Recent reports, as well as reports from Russian media, make it clear that the Syrian army already controls abandoned US bases.

At the same time, footage of Russian TV Russia 24 shows the presence of Russian armored vehicles, including tanks patrolling northern Syria.

We recall that, following the announcement by the US of the withdrawal of US troops from northern Syria, Ankara took swift action and entered armored equipment in Syria, with the aim of the operation, according to Erdogan, to provide a safe 32 km corridor for free movement and return immigrants and refugees to Syria.

At the same time, according to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Syrian government troops have taken control of the Monbij region.


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