The protests in Barcelona continue, there are arrested and injured

For the second day, protests have been held in Barcelona against the condemnation of separatist leaders over their attempt to secede Catalonia from Spain in 2017.

According to information from France Press, the protests were attended by about 40,000 people.

Clashes ensued, with hundreds of masked activists opposing Spanish law enforcement. Police have arrested four people, three of them citizens of Barcelona.

“It is clear that this is not a peaceful civic movement, but coordinated by groups using street violence to destroy their coexistence in Catalonia,” the cabinet said in a communique and assured that “it will with determination (…) security “.

There were also several incidents reported. Nearly one hundred demonstrators have sought emergency medical treatment, Spain’s official health authorities said. “This cannot continue. Either (politicians) sit down and find a solution, or it will happen more and more often,” Ivan Gonzalez, a salesman at a clothing store, told France Press.

Photo source: Emilio Morenatti


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