The U.S. Vice President and Rudy Giuliani will not cooperate in Trump’s impeachment inquiry

A probe by the Democrat-controlled US House has received a negative response for assistance from US Vice President Mike Pence and Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

At the same time, the Pentagon will not comply with a request by the lower house of Congress to hand over commission documents pertaining to Trump’s attempts to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.

Thus, within 48 hours, the Donald Trump impeachment committee received two negative answers important to the investigation.

At the same time, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said “Evidence of obstruction in Congress continues to pile up.”

If the House of Representatives decides to press charges with the president, then the Republican-controlled Senate will have to decide whether to remove him from office. This is unlikely at this stage, as few Republican senators criticize Trump, Reuters notes.

Americans are almost divided over whether the president should be removed, according to a Reuters poll. 43 percent of the poll participants support Trump’s impeachment, and 42 percent are against it. 14 percent are not sure.


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