Turkey is not afraid of sanctions and ‘will not negotiate with terrorists’, Erdogan said

US Vice President and Secretary of State are on an official visit to Ankara. However, the Turkish president is adamant in his opinion – that the state is not afraid of possible sanctions and does not negotiate with terrorists.

We are recalled that Turkey launched a military offensive in Syria last week to fight with PKK terrorists and provide a free zone for migrants and refugees to cross.

At the same time, the Kurds managed to come to an agreement with the Russian-backed government in Damascus and to advance north in order to repel the Turkish offensive.

This has led Democrats and critics of US President Donald Trump’s administration to claim that the withdrawal of US troops of the region is fatal to Syria and a real “green light” for Erdogan to send troops to the region.

On Tuesday night, the Turkish president said he was not afraid of international sanctions or terrorists. This statement comes just at a time when the US Vice President and Secretary of State are on an official visit to Turkey.

Trade deals totaling $ 100 billion between the two countries have been halted over the past 24 hours, and Washington plans to increase customs duties on some of Turkish exports to the United States. It is expected that this action will again put to the test the value of the Turkish lira.

“President Trump has demanded that we declare a ceasefire. We will never do so,” Erdogan said. “I told him (Donald Trump) that Turkey would not negotiate with terrorists,” Erdogan added.

Ankara calls the military operation “Peaceful Spring.” According to the Turkish side, its aim is to move the PKK beyond the 32-kilometer zone in northern Syria.


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