The Turkish journalist Ahmet Altan is back to prison

Well-known journalist and author Ahmet Altan, who was released from a Turkish prison last week, has been remanded to prison after a Turkish court ruling.

“Ahmet Altan likely to escape or flee” are the court’s main motives for returning a Turkish journalist.

“Law has been buried under concrete,” Altan’s lawyer, Figen Calicusci, wrote in a tweet. According to her, retaining her client is illegal.

Ahmet Altan has been in Turkish prison since 2016. The Turkish government has accused him of participating in the coup against Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

And then and now, the Turkish government continues to claim that behind the assassination of the Turkish president is Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen.

Ahmet Altan was not the only detained journalist in 2016. Turkey has detained and accused hundreds of journalists by imprisoning them. This provoked negative reactions from around the world, with dozens of human rights groups condemning the Turkish government’s actions.

“The court (last week) ruled that a travel ban was sufficient. It is not permissible for another court to overturn the decision to his detriment,” Kalikusu said, adding that she had filed an appeal.

We recall that the reason for the 69-year-old journalist’s arrest in 2016 was his comments broadcast on Turkish television one day before the coup attempt against the Turkish president.

To this day, Alton has denied the accusations he has been accused of and has been in prison since 2016.

[ANKARA, Turkey]


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